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Major: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology (EIT)

The Entrepreneurship major prepares students to take an entrepreneurial approach to operating in any organizational context from large corporations to new ventures, including starting their own business.

About this program

Highly experiential and hands-on, students in the Entrepreneurship major will engage in programs and activities in the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech. They also have the opportunity to live in the Innovate Living-Learning Community—one of the most innovative entrepreneurship residential spaces in the world.

Why choose EIT?

Our Bachelors of Arts in Management (EIT option) prepares men and women to be effective operators and add value in a wide range of organizations and business contexts in the global economy, employing an entrepreneurial approach to business. We emphasize the development of versatile skills that are essential to achieving business success in the 21st century: technology fluency, analytical problem-solving, communication skills, cross-functional thinking, leadership, ethical decision-making, and working in cross-functional teams.

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Program Details

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