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Courses in Entrepreneurship

Passionate about driving positive change in the world?  In partnership with the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs, numerous colleges throughout Virginia Tech offer courses in entrepreneurship.

From Venture Capital to Small Business Agriculture, come learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on, minds-on, high energy environment

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Department of Management, Pamplin College of Business


Provides a foundation for how social entrepreneurs garner and use resources to pursue opportunities that lead to social change and/or address social needs. An examination of the nature of social entrepreneurship and its various practices is provided, helping students develop an entrepreneurial frame of mind and prepare them to act as effective leaders of social change.

Takes a cross-functional perspective on identifying and evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities, developing new ventures, and pursuing new venture strategies to compete in the marketplace. Explores business potentials of new venture ideas, examines new venture’s feasibility, and develops business modeling tools for the venture.

Department of Finance, Pamplin College of Business

Agriculture & Economics

Industrial Design

Sustainable Biomaterials

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