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Innovate Living-Learning Community

Our VISION is simple:

To inspire students to redefine the possible and drive positive change.


To discover, prepare, and connect the next generation of entrepreneurial-leaders.

About this program

The Innovate Living-Learning community brings together a diverse group of committed and driven students into a high-energy learning environment. We are in search of the most creative, driven and entrepreneurial innovators to come live and create in our community. Innovate will provide an opportunity for students to gain insights into the entrepreneurial process, interact with successful entrepreneurs, and learn from Virginia Tech faculty and community partners.

Innovate is open to all students in any major interested in creating a community that provides a diverse array of entrepreneurial interests and perspectives. At the end of their first year in the Innovate program, students should come away with:

  • A basic understanding of entrepreneurship, including associated business practices such as strategy, marketing, finance, etc.
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial opportunities available to them in and around the Virginia Tech campus.
  • A network of peer and faculty partnerships that will provide ongoing enhancement to entrepreneurial ventures.
  • In addition, students will have the opportunity to return to Innovate to both continue their own entrepreneurial learning as well as mentor and support incoming students.


Fireside Chats – Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders visit Virginia Tech to talk about their own experiences directly with Innovate students. Students get the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how entrepreneurial thinking is applied to real world businesses as well as make connections with these innovative thinkers. 

Entrepreneur Treks – Students embark on an immersive experience by traveling all over the country to meet and network with start-ups and innovative companies. Treks provide an unprecedented opportunity for students to learn first-hand how their major and interests are applied in business.

Brewery Nights Brewery Nights are hosted in the Venture Lab, a collaborative space for studying, learning, and community activities only accessible to Innovate members, twice a month. These events are hosted by students at Virginia Tech and are focused on developing entrepreneurial skills, forming strong ideas, and building teams for venture creation. Brewery nights not only inform students about opportunities, but also help develop essential workplace skills, such as resume building and interview tips. 


Innovate is a program of the Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is a collaborative venture that includes support from the Pamplin College of Business, the Division of Student Affairs, and a number of departments across campus with interest in engaging with students in the entrepreneurial experience.

If accepted, you will become a key part of the broader innovation ecosystem emerging on our campus and the broader community. We are constantly seeking out driven, creative young minds who can positively contribute to our community.

Please fill out the application through the housing website:

Email program questions to and please follow our social media channels for updates
(FB: @vtinnovators | Twitter: @innovateVT | Instagram: @Innovate_VT | YouTube: Innovate at Virginia Tech).

Additional Details

VT Housing 

Program Sponsors

1901 Group, Grant Thornton, Woods Rogers Attorneys at Law, Silicon Valley Bank
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