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The 2021-22 academic year has been a year of change and growth for the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech. We continue to believe entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation are vital elements of higher education in the dynamic and ever-changing environment of the 21st century. The entrepreneurial mindset equips students to thrive in a dynamic global environment that requires courage, agility, resilience, and critical-thinking, always ready to pivot and respond to emerging problems and opportunities.

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At a Glance

49 Student Startup Teams

Students Engaged from all 9 Colleges & Institutes

531 Students Engaged in Experiential Entrepreneurship

112 Unique Majors Engaged

27 Entrepreneurship Courses Offered

38 Alumni Mentors

$21,100 Funding Awarded


Get to Know Our Student Founders

As the world slowed down in 2020, the Apex Center’s student entrepreneurs stayed busy. From designing inclusion-minded self care products to breaking ground in machine learning technology, our founders brought unparalleled energy and commitment to their new ventures.

Learn more about our student founders in the Annual Impact Report.

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