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Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Pablo Tarazaga with graduate students

The Apex Center for Entrepreneurs is not just about supporting new ventures, it’s also about learning, research and teaching. Our research in entrepreneurship enables startups as well as established companies to make more informed decisions, accelerate growth with more effective preparation, and foster renewal in mature companies in otherwise stagnant markets.

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Research Publications (coming soon)

Awards & Recognition (coming soon)

Entrepreneurship Research Collaborative

Faculty at the Apex Center and throughout Virginia Tech make incredible contributions to research in entrepreneurship every year.

Meet these researchers and view their work.

Faculty Entrepreneur Fellows (eFellows)

In addition to publications, many faculty at Virginia Tech are active in commercialization of research. Our Faculty Entrepreneur Fellows (eFellows) are a select group of acclaimed researchers committed to seeing their work create value in the marketplace.

Research Publications

The Apex Center for Entrepreneurship brings together research faculty from across campus and across disciplines to help shape tomorrow’s vital new businesses through thought leadership.

Publication listing coming soon.

Awards & Recognition

Awards and recognition listing coming soon.

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