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Office Hours

Working on a new venture and have questions?

Get advice from peers and professionals on how to take the next step.  Areas of expertise include how to to “plug in” and get started at the Apex Center, next steps in building your company, and introductions to alumni-mentors.

About this program

Come sit down one-on-one with a fellow student (or schedule time with a real world professional) to answer your questions about all things entrepreneurship.

Peer-to-peer Office Hours with “student consultants” are held on-demand using automated calendar scheduling through StartupTree on a recurring basis.

Office Hours with professionals such as legal assistance, intellectual property and business tax preparation are available on an ad hoc basis throughout the semester.  See Startup Tree events page for upcoming office hours with professionals.

Students book a slot and come with questions!

Meet our Experts

Rida Ali

Startup Hokies Consultant

Meet Rida, a junior at Virginia Tech studying Business Information Technology, a member of Collegiate Women in Business and a member of the VT Honors College. She’s highly motivated and experienced within the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Virginia Tech.  Rida is always interested in meeting students who are actively running a business, as well as students who want to get their concepts off the ground.

Ask Rida about:

  • Getting your idea out of your head and into real life
  • Creating tools (landing pages, video & websites) to test demand for your new product or service
  • How to use frameworks like Lean Canvas and Message Maps to organize your startup

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