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The Entrepreneur Faculty Fellows (eFellows) program provides motivated Virginia Tech faculty members from across the University with advanced training and mentoring in entrepreneurship.

Through the experience, faculty members gain an understanding of technology translation challenges and opportunities, and also develop a robust network of contacts within and outside the university.

eFellows is open to all full-time VT faculty members, including those from all disciplines and academic areas on the campus. We seek academic entrepreneurs or faculty interested in integrating an entrepreneurial mindset and related concepts, tools, and frameworks into their home discipline; particularly into their outreach and commercialization activities.

Meet our Entrepreneur Faculty Fellows

headshot of Pablo Tarazaga

Pablo Tarazaga

Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Commercialization activities: The general areas of structural dynamics, vibration, control, testing, adaptive structures and smart materials.

headshot of Charles Clancy

Charles Clancy

Director, Hume Center for National Security at Virginia Tech

Commercialization activities: Signals intelligence; cyber warfare; electronic warfare; information operations; computer network attack, defense, and exploitation; automated intelligence analysis; and intelligence visualization

headshot of Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed

Professor, College of Engineering

Commercialization activities: Software radios, smart antennas, cognitive communications and signal processing

headshot of Tim Long

Tim Long

Associate Professor, College of Science

Commercialization activities: Polymerization, Structure-property relationship of polymers, Block copolymers and thermoplastic elastomers, Functional polymers for additive manufacturing (3D printing)

headshot of Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Associate Professor, College of Engineering
Director, DREAMS lab

Commercialization activities: Additive manufacturing

Interested in becoming an eFellow?

Faculty members are invited to join us for ongoing information sessions at the Apex Center in Pamplin Hall (Room 3002).


Email us to RSVP

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