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Redshift Education, Inc.

Gamified content for teaching foreign languages in K-12 schools

Maria Jernigan, Founder & CEO, College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences ’18 (B.A.) and ’22 (M.A.)

Marty Hanapole, Software Developer, College of Engineering ’22

Mark Carman, Cybersecurity Magician, College of Engineering, ’19

Sarah Fasco, 3D Artist & Customer Development, College of Architecture and Urban Studies ’22

Emma Winters, 3D Artist, College of Architecture and Urban Studies ’22

Redshift Education is a gamification platform of content for teaching foreign languages (for now, specifically Spanish) in K-12 schools. High school students enter an immersive, collaborative world together online, and they have to speak in Spanish with each other to achieve real-world goals. Students get an engaging way to practice conversation with personalized feedback on their speaking, while teachers and administrators get rich data about student performance.

“While we can’t send students to study abroad for everything they need to learn, we give them the next best thing.” -Maria Jernigan, Founder

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