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Share time with others.

Stephen Tan, Founder, Computer Science

Luis Hernandez, Co-Founder, Computer Science

CaughtUp is an Android, iOS, and Web application for coordinating events and free time among acquaintances, friends, and family.
The problem is that coordinating schedules could be time consuming. Most schedules are planned via messenger; however, messengers were not made with coordination in mind. They are just a means of direct communications among people.
Our solution builds on a messenger by adding the ability to have shared calendar events (for reminders and updates on the event) and the ability to find overlapping free times with others.
Viewing overlapping free times and having shared calendar events are not a unique idea as they are already implemented in the business environment. We hope that our design will bring these useful abilities to the consumer market first targeting college friend groups and family households.

“One day, you won’t have to schedule a thing. It’s going to work like magic.” – CaughtUp Team

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