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Maroon Assistive

We build exoskeleton solutions that make bending and lifting activities easier, reduce the risk of injuries, and save people energy. We take the load off your back.

Tim Pote, Co-Founder and CEO, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies ’21

Taylor Pesek, Co-Founder and CTO, Masters, College of Engineering ’20

Chris Pesek, Co-Founder and COO, MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management, ’14

Maroon Assistive Technologies develops exoskeletons that make everyday bending and lifting tasks easier. Our exoskeleton assists wearers by storing energy when they bend over and returning the energy upon standing–all without motors, batteries, or electricity. Our design reduces back muscle activity by 30%, improves wearer health and wellbeing, reducing the risk of injury, and improving productivity. This benefits worker health and positively impacts a company’s bottom line. The Maroon Assistive exoskeleton is ideal for logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other tasks that involve bending over or lifting items from the ground.


Human exoskeletons are a rapidly growing industry. Several large companies, such as Ford and Toyota, have recently begun the first wave of commercial implementation of exoskeleton technology, and our product is well-positioned to enter and compete in this market. We are currently engaging with potential early customers and preparing product demos, with a full commercial release planned for early 2021.

“Our vision is to improve health and wellbeing by bringing the benefits of exoskeleton technology to everyone, seamlessly integrating into everyday lives.”

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