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Uredoo aims to create the ultimate resource for Virginia Tech students and the Blacksburg community by creating a centralized hub for exchanging goods, ideas, information, and more. 

Max Koep, Co-Founder

Kareem Yousef, Co-Founder

Justin Koep, Pamplin College of Business ’23

We’re trying to solve as many problems that college students face as we can. As Hokies, we lacked a centralized hub for exchanging goods, ideas, information, and more. Our MVP targets 3 areas: helping students find housing, giving students a place to showcase all the unique products and services they offer (phone repairs, food delivery service, etc), and allowing students to learn from the experiences of older students. Currently, there is no viable product that offers these services wrapped into one ecosystem. More importantly, there is no product that focuses on Virginia Tech or the vast majority of college towns and the unique needs that they have. An example of an existing product not serving the needs of a college community is the housing search. Currently, it is very difficult for students to find information on what options they have for living. Places like, Zillow, and other housing sites are not set up for college town markets like Blacksburg and therefore feature just a few options that the students could select. We’re working to provide a database with every single property in Blacksburg to greatly simplify the apartment finding process.

“Our goal at Uredoo is to build a platform that addresses the needs of college students, inspires their entrepreneurial spirit, and connects them together.”

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