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Allie Howe

Mechanical Engineering Major

Alley Howe is a rising sophomore pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Entrepreneurship became a part of her life when she joined Entrepreneur Club, where she will spread her passion through her position as president.

Howe worked at GE Aviation Fleet Support as an Engineering Intern. In Fleet Support they monitor GE jet engine health, specifically her and her team study the GEnx engine which is on B747s and B787s. They use data analytics and mathematical models to identify trends that are suggestive of a problem. Her day-to-day tasks included creating daily watch lists for certain at risk engines, making a daily core vibration watch list to monitor HPT Blade Distress, and utilizing her knowledge of statistical models to improve GE’s alerts and prognostics.

Her biggest take away from her internship “is how different engineering can be from what we do in the classroom and what a wonderful blessing and opportunity it is to work with intellectuals much smarter than myself that have a contagious sense of curiosity and passion.” Allie is excited to be back at Virginia Tech and to apply the skills she has learned this summer to her studies.

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