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Cortney Mecimore

Finance and Marketing Double Major

Cortney Mecimore is a rising junior in the Pamplin College of Business, pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing. She was a founding member of the Innovate Living Learning Community, where she lived for her first two years of undergraduate.

Currently, Cortney is working as the Marketing Coordinator for the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship as well as an Account Manager for PRISM, a student-run advertising agency.

This summer Mecimore worked for Modea, a web design and consultancy agency located in Blacksburg, as a marketing intern. Her day to day tasks included working as part of the new business development team on market research, finding new leads and content curation for social media. She says that her biggest take away from the internship was “how important it is to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively”. Mecimore also received first hand experience with the art of sales pitches. She hopes to apply the skills she has learned from Modea in and outside the classroom.

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