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Step-By-Step Guide to Validating Your Idea

So you have a startup idea — but how do you get started?

In this three-part series, we discuss a startup framework that you need to validate your startup idea so you avoid the number one mistake people make: building something that nobody wants. Just starting out? This is the article for you.

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Ten Steps to Build a Web-Based Startup

How do you create what’s in your head—BEFORE you build a final product

Steve Blank ten steps

We all want to build things, but often struggle with questions such as “How do I get my great idea on the web? What are the steps in building a web site?” And the most important question is, “How do I test whether this is a real business?”  Check out these ten steps to a web based startup from tech legend Steve Blank…

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Message Maps—Tell Your Story

Struggling to tell your story? Watch how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map.

soundroom with microphone

Messaging is a critical factor in the success of your startup. You want to convey a narrow definition so that people can easily identify whether or not they’re the intended audience of the product. But, if the definition is too wide, you end up getting a lot of prospective customers in your funnel that aren’t a great fit and almost never buy. And if they do purchase, they’ll likely have a bad experience and leave poor reviews.  Learn how to perfect your messaging with the message map! 

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Executive Summary

Data Visualization StudioAll great companies begin with a 1-page summary, here’s yours!

Try this simple template for help communicating various aspects of your startup concept in an effective and concise manner.

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Pitch Deck Template

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words

Decks are an essential tool for visualizing your startup concept and attracting external resources (like funding, team members, etc).  Try this simple template from Y-Combinator.

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Y-Combinator Library

Videos, Articles and other Content for Startup Founders

Need more?  Check out this robust collection of content from Y-Combinator.

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Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

The best entrepreneurial tips are just a click away

Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is an online educational resource to help you learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and accelerate your success.

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