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Richard A. HuntAssociate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Director of Research at the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs, Coordinator of E&I Research Consortium

    Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

    Director of Research at the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs

    Coordinator of E&I Research Consortium

    Hunt’s research examines the links among entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation, including new sector formation, market entry and early-stage operational behavior. Among his many professional honors are the:

    Best Paper Prize at the Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship Conference (2014)

    Best Published Article on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, awarded by Emerald Group Publications (2014)

    Ronald B. Shuman Best Ph.D. Paper Award in the management history division of the Academy of Management (2013)

    Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award in the academy’s business policy and strategy division (2012)


    Richard Hunt examines the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, including new sector formation, market entry and early-stage operational behavior.

    He employs novel data sets and methods, using transactions, cliometric analysis, natural experiments, complete populations and event histories in developing a meso-strategic perspective that aims to make micro perspectives more intelligible and macro perspectives more veridical. Through these methods and conceptual frameworks, it is his goal to generate research that is provocative and useful to both scholars and practitioners.

    Hunt’s teaching interests include strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, international business, entrepreneurial finance, and executive education.

    Hunt is an accomplished businessman and scholar. He worked as the President and Owner of Risk Removal, Inc., the Vice President of Strategy at StarBand Communications and Director of Planning and Analysis for Pfizer, Inc. before embarking on his higher education career at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

    In addition to teaching at the University of Colorado – Boulder, Hunt earned his Ph.D. there. His dissertation “Essays Concerning the Entry and Survival Strategies of Entrepreneurial Firms: A Transaction Perspective” was an Academy of Management NFIB Outstanding Dissertation Award winner.

    He also holds an MBA from Stanford University, a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard University and a B.A. from Rice University.

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