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Win SheridanASGN Incorporated

    Edwin A. Sheridan, IV, has been a Director of ASGN Incorporated since May 2012. Sheridan co-founded Apex Systems in 1995 with fellow Tech alumni Jeff Veatch, who received a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1993, and Brian Callaghan, who received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1994. Sheridan served in many roles during his time with Apex Systems, including co-CEO and managing sales and recruiting operations. In addition, he worked as a technical recruiter, account manager, and regional operations manager. Sheridan was recognized as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003. Prior to co-founding Apex Systems, Sheridan began his career as a telecommunications recruiter for a staffing firm based in Reston, Virginia.

    Sheridan also serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations including the Advisory Board of the Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Research Center; the Greater Washington Sports Alliance; the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund; and Peace Players International, a community improvement and leadership organization with operations in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Cyprus and the Middle East. Sheridan brings 18 years of staffing experience to the Board and provides extensive knowledge about all aspects of the information technology staffing business and business growth strategies.

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