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Jonathon Perrelli

CEO, LifeFuels, Inc.

Everyone has a special spot in their hearts and for their alma mater, especially if their alma mater is Virginia Tech. Serial entrepreneur Jonathon Perrelli is a prime example of a Hokie who’s passionate about supporting and funding Hokies.

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1994, Perrelli went on to serve in various roles in sales, engineering and staffing at UUNet Technologies before launching several successful startups. While a serial entrepreneur at his core, he spent five years exploring the investment world with Fortify ventures investing in early-stage technology companies, an experience that would prove invaluable as he became increasingly involved with serving and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Today, Perrelli plays a leading role in the formation and growth of the Virginia Tech Investor Network, an investor group dedicated to funding high potential start-ups, in both the National Capital Region and across the country, in which a founder, board member, or active investor is a graduate, student, or faculty member at Virginia Tech.

He is also working on his seventh startup, LifeFuels, a health and wellness company expected to launch this year.

Perelli’s startups:

  • LifeFuels
  • Startupland (entrepreneur educational curriciulum and video series, ongoing)
  • SecureForce (cyber security firm, acquired by BRTRC)
  • SecureSoftware (a cyber security re-start later acquired by Fortify Software and subsequently HP)
  • The Shadow Group (a cyber security firm acquired by Corbett Technologies/BAE Systems)
  • Plesk (mergered with SWSoft now called Parallels, enterprise software powerhouse, ongoing)
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