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The Catalyst Program aims to foster the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem across the Virginia Tech community. The Catalyst Program is comprised of two constituent groups: Catalyst Faculty and Catalyst Students.

Catalyst Students are a group of academically diverse undergraduate scholars drawn from all areas of the university.  By including members from all 8 colleges, Catalyst Students are interdisciplinary and well poised to tackle complex entrepreneurial problems.

Catalyst Students collaborate with new startups, established companies, and university laboratories to tackle challenges and take advantages of entrepreneurial opportunities on a case-specific basis. By providing comprehensive feedback and commercialization perspective, Catalyst Students serve as a freethinking market-facing sounding board for the local entrepreneurial community.

Catalyst Students are appointed annually with an application cycle opening on December 10th and closing on February 1st. Please check back for a link to the application page.

If you are a startup, company, or laboratory interested in collaborating with the Catalyst Students on a project, please contact the Catalyst Program Manager, Keith Heyde at

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